quarta-feira, 21 de dezembro de 2011

move on hum?

because she is the most beautiful thing in the world...he could see that she was not looking at him but he definely wanted to forget everything...he wanted to believe that everything was just a scary nightmare and he was ready to forget all the feelings that could have reach the wrong persons..."let's sleep" he thought, and he could not believe that she was once his best hope.
the day has come and tonight he'll be sleeping...and she will enter in his dreams...and he will scream untill he wakes up again, sweaty and ready to embrasse another day of emotional torture.
he was alright till that day...before he tried to forget her and succeded, but she was ready to do that same shit again! his head is beginning to flip out but he knows that he'll forget her again...let's do that...he will suffer a little bit longer but then it will pass by...let's hope so x)
his head is fucked up... xD

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